The Top RV Accessories for a Comfortable and Convenient Trip

Posted on May 5th, 2023.

Embarking on an RV adventure is an exciting way to explore the great outdoors while enjoying the comforts of home. At Made in the Shade RV Park and Campground, we understand that the right RV accessories can make your trip even more enjoyable and stress-free. In this blog post, we'll share our top picks for RV accessories that will enhance your comfort and convenience on the road.

RV GPS Navigation System

A reliable GPS navigation system designed specifically for RVs is a must-have for any road trip. These devices not only provide accurate directions but also take into account the size and weight of your RV, ensuring you avoid low-clearance bridges, narrow roads, and weight-restricted areas. Some models even include campground listings and points of interest tailored to RV travelers.

Surge Protector

Protecting your RV's electrical system from power surges is crucial for both safety and the longevity of your appliances. A high-quality surge protector can help prevent damage caused by voltage fluctuations, power surges, and lightning strikes. Choose a surge protector designed specifically for RVs to ensure compatibility and optimal protection.

Water Pressure Regulator

Water pressure at campgrounds can vary greatly, and connecting your RV to a water source with too much pressure can cause damage to your plumbing system. A water pressure regulator ensures that your RV receives a consistent water pressure, protecting your pipes and fixtures from potential leaks or bursts.

Portable Propane Grill

One of the joys of RV travel is the ability to cook and enjoy meals outdoors. A portable propane grill allows you to easily prepare delicious meals al fresco, whether you're grilling burgers, steaks, or veggies. Look for a lightweight, compact model that can be easily stored and transported.

Outdoor RV Mat

An outdoor RV mat is a simple but essential accessory for keeping your RV clean and comfortable. Place one outside your entry door to help prevent dirt, mud, and debris from being tracked into your RV. Choose a mat made from durable, easy-to-clean materials that dry quickly and resist mildew.

Leveling Blocks

Ensuring that your RV is level when parked is crucial for both comfort and the proper functioning of your appliances. Leveling blocks are an easy and affordable solution for achieving a level RV on uneven terrain. These interlocking blocks can be stacked to the desired height and placed under your RV's tires or leveling jacks for a stable, even surface.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Maintaining proper tire pressure is critical for RV safety, fuel efficiency, and tire longevity. A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) allows you to monitor the pressure of each tire in real-time, alerting you to any issues before they become serious problems. Investing in a TPMS can help prevent blowouts and ensure a safer, more enjoyable trip.

Collapsible Kitchenware

Space-saving accessories are essential for any RV kitchen, and collapsible kitchenware is a great way to maximize storage without sacrificing functionality. From collapsible bowls and colanders to foldable cutting boards and measuring cups, these items can help you make the most of your limited kitchen space.

Solar-Powered LED Lights

Solar-powered LED lights are a versatile and energy-efficient way to illuminate your RV's outdoor living space. These lights can be easily attached to your awning, picnic table, or campsite to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Plus, they're environmentally friendly and require no electricity or batteries.

RV Awning Shade

An awning shade can help keep your RV cool and comfortable by providing additional shade and reducing heat transfer through your windows. Simply attach the shade to your existing awning for an instant barrier against the sun's rays. Be sure to choose a shade that's compatible with your specific awning model and size for optimal performance.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Staying connected while on the road is important for many RV travelers, whether it's for work, staying in touch with family, or simply for entertainment. A portable Wi-Fi hotspot allows you to access the internet from your devices without relying on public Wi-Fi or campground connections. Choose a hotspot with a strong signal and a reliable data plan to ensure seamless connectivity during your trip.

RV Sewer Hose Support

Properly managing your RV's waste disposal is essential for a hygienic and comfortable camping experience. A sewer hose support system helps maintain a consistent slope from your RV to the sewer connection, ensuring smooth drainage and preventing unpleasant odors. Look for a durable, easy-to-use support system that can be adjusted to various heights and angles.

RV Backup Camera

Maneuvering an RV can be challenging, particularly when backing into tight spaces or navigating crowded campgrounds. A backup camera can provide added visibility and confidence when reversing, helping you avoid potential collisions and damage. Many backup cameras also include night vision capabilities, making them useful for evening arrivals or departures.

Foldable Camping Chairs

Comfortable seating is a must for any RV trip, and foldable camping chairs are a convenient and portable solution. Look for chairs with durable construction, comfortable padding, and useful features like cup holders, side pockets, or a built-in cooler. When you're done relaxing, simply fold the chairs up for easy storage and transport.

Insect Repellent Devices

Keeping pesky insects at bay is crucial for an enjoyable RV camping experience. There are various insect repellent devices available, ranging from portable bug zappers to ultrasonic pest repellers. Choose the device that best suits your needs and preferences to ensure a bug-free outdoor living space.

Portable Folding Table

A portable folding table is a versatile accessory that can be used for dining, food preparation, or as a workspace. Choose a lightweight table with adjustable height settings and a durable surface for easy cleaning. When not in use, simply fold the table up and store it away to save space.

RV Vent Covers

Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining a comfortable and healthy RV environment. Vent covers are a simple and effective way to improve airflow in your RV while keeping rain, debris, and insects out. Choose vent covers that are compatible with your specific RV model and easy to install and remove for cleaning.

RV Wheel Chocks

Safety is paramount when RV camping, and wheel chocks are a crucial accessory for preventing your RV from rolling while parked. Choose heavy-duty, durable chocks that can withstand the weight of your RV and provide a secure grip on a variety of surfaces.

In conclusion, investing in the right RV accessories can significantly enhance your comfort, convenience, and overall enjoyment during your RV adventures. At Made in the Shade RV Park and Campground, we're dedicated to helping you make the most of your RV travels and providing a welcoming and enjoyable stay in Waynesboro.

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